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Jennyfer Ibarra

Plant Caretaker & Stylist


About Me

Jennyfer(jenē-fur) | she/her

Inspired by my parents and grandparents tending to their gardens, I chose to honor my ancestors by starting my own in my Los Angeles apartment and sharing what I learn with my community. Since 2019, my network of nursery owners, extensive collectors, hobbyists, botanists, and pot manufacturers has grown, taking me to entirely new levels of plant parenting than I could have imagined. Thanks to social media, I found many small businesses (avoiding big box stores was my mission) and people worldwide who also love plants!

Caring for plants continues to be a learning process for me, just like most other things. Plants aren't difficult; they simply require empathy and patience. Like plants, humans grow and go into dormancy only to bloom when their needs are met. I know first-hand how hard life feels at times, and it's a privilege to spread the appreciation for life gardening has given me to those who are interested. Tending to my 110+ plants has helped me tend to my own stillness and address where I could be growing to feel my best.


Thank you for giving me the chance to share my joy with you.


My Services

My services are available to plant parents at all levels of interest & experience. Finding the right plant for your space requires lots of time for research & shopping— that's where I come in!  We'll collaborate on which combination of plants feels manageable for you whether you're a new or experienced plant parent. My experience helped me find fairly priced growers/nurseries that I'll use when shopping for your room, apartment, office, brick & mortar store, etc. Together, we'll work with your environment to maximize its greatest plant potential!


*Plant care cards are provided with every plant brokered through me.
**All services are subject to a sliding scale or trading of services.
***30-minute intro consults via phone, text, or email is included in every service except Plant Guidance.

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Plant Staging & Styling

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Starting @ $25.00

Enliven your home, office, or brick & mortar business with flourishing plants. I'll determine what type & size of plant(s) can not only survive but thrive in your desired space. Personal evaluation of space includes lighting, maintenance, lifestyle, & pets.

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Starting @ $5.00

It's overwhelming when maintaining the plants you already own isn't working out, or you feel too intimidated to get started. I can help guide you with personalized care instructions, suggestions based on your space, or answering general questions!

Plant Guidance

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Plant Repotting

Starting @ $15.00

Are your plant(s) outgrowing their current pot(s)? This service can include pots, soil mixes, top dressings, moss poles, trellis, fertilizer, & insecticide— or you can pick which of these you feel are necessary! I will work with your budget to achieve your desired result.

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Plant Shopping

Starting @ $5.00

For clients seeking specific plants that are hard to find— or if you lack time to dedicate to plant shopping! Working with your budget, I'll find your wishlist plants and/or pots that will fit in with your existing decor.

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Contact Me

If you have a plant project that my services don't cover, let's talk about it! I want to hear all about your plant dreams & ideas, and maybe even help make them come true. Please understand that I am a full-time student with a hectic schedule, so your patience is appreciated!

Which service(s) do you want to learn more about?

Thanks! I'll be in touch.

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